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What Is Gym Based Physical Therapy?

What is gym based physical therapy? The truth is that the worlds of physical therapy and that of physical fitness have an extremely close connection. This may seem obvious, but in the past these two fields, both essential to health and wellbeing, have pretty much operated independently of one another. But the reality is that the synergy of these two skill sets results in better health, more effective training, and an overall increase in wellbeing.

A doctor of physical therapy understands the physiological capabilities and inadequacies of the body and thereby knows how to gain the most productive results without injury. In other words, they know how far to push without risking potential harm. Because let’s face it, some of us push too hard, and some don’t push hard enough. Pushing too hard or outside of the scope of our abilities can lead to pain and injury; while not pushing hard enough can lead to frustratingly slow progress or no progress at all. We know what we want out of exercise but get frustrated when the goal seems out of reach. The problem is that we need a road map: what is the best route to good healthy exercise without causing injury? This is a map best provided by a professional.

Then you have the knowledge of the exercise scientist. One trained in exercise science is able to construct a wellness regimen based on the client’s personal goals and individual abilities. The exercise specialist knows a wide range of exercise options which keep the workout fresh and interesting, thus increasing the potential for success in the program. In general, most people perform better when they have a set plan of action to follow. Wouldn’t you like an exercise plan that incorporates not just effective and engaging exercises which an exercise specialist could provide, but also a plan founded upon the expertise of a physical therapist. The combination of both perspectives means you have a plan that’s both safer and much more effective.

For those coming into a fitness situation with injury, the positive aspects of combining the disciplines of therapy with exercise science are astronomical. Not only is continuing exercise generally beneficial but specific targeted exercises can be used to bring natural healing and strengthening to injured areas of the body. During times of injury, it is difficult to know what limitations should be placed on activities and exercise levels. Also, it is way too easy to fall out of the healthy habits of daily exercise during the healing process. Having a professional who combines experience with knowledge in helping you reach healthy goals during healing is essential to a lifelong wellness culture.

The relationship between exercise physiology and physical therapy bridges the gap between times of rehab and getting back to normal life activities. Beyond the 4-6 weeks of typical therapy, an exercise based approach allows the patient to recover while moving forward with a healthy lifestyle that lasts far beyond recovery. A physical therapist working alongside an exercise professional in a gym setting gives the client a uniquely beneficial approach to healing that can, at the same time, transform habits into wellness for a lifetime.

At North Georgia PT, owner and operator, Dr. Joshua McWhirter, is both a doctor of physical therapy as well as having an undergraduate exercise science bachelor’s degree. Here, you can be confident we are passionate about promoting lifelong wellness alongside healing. Whatever your fitness goals and health needs, North Georgia PT is here to help you balance both towards a health-oriented lifestyle.

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