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How Do I Know I’m Ready For Surgery? one likes the sound of this ominous word, and with good reason. Surgery is a major decision, can be a risky procedure, and always brings a level of fear and uncertainty to the patient. Whether it is injury or illness, pain and misery can lead us to a place of desperation. We need answers, we need resolution, and we want it now. And therein lies the problem.

Successful healing isn’t always or even usually quick. But allowing desperation and frustration to lead us to premature surgery can later become a source of regret.

There are obviously times when surgery is absolutely the best option and sometimes the only option; however, that is certainly not always the case. Sometimes, there are other options, less invasive options. And don’t you owe it to yourself to be sure you make the very best decision possible? Of course you do!

Too many times, medical diagnosis can have a cookie cutter feeling. But here’s the thing...we are all different. We all have unique circumstances. We need more than a short-sighted approach to healing. We’ve all heard the “prescription” before...physical therapy 3 to 4 time